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Saturday, October 25th, 2025
12:53 pm - Jam out with your Clam out

Comment to be added. We'll see how this goes.

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Wednesday, November 5th, 2008
11:29 am - well hello
Last night, watching President-elect (holy shit) Obama's acceptance speech, there was a very distinct moment when the words "I live in the best country on earth" went through my head, unbidden. I don't know how I feel about that this morning, but I know I'm thankful to my country today for giving me one moment of pure, uncompromising pride in the US.

I'm also glad I don't have to work today, becuase I don't have a voice. I can scream pretty well all night long without fucking my throat up, but when Virginia went blue, I lost my fucking mind. Oh, girl in front of me at the Showbox: I hope I didn't bust your eardrums.

Anyway. I'll see you around next time my world explodes in utter joy, livejournal.

current mood: indescribable

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Monday, April 14th, 2008
8:09 pm - Update...
I wasn't going to post, but it's the first time I've been on LJ in quite a few months and an old friend just happened to reappear on it and well, I did some reading, and eventually found myself on my own page.

Please go back and read my manic Thanksgiving post.

See the end there? About the dude who I gave my email to? Who rambled about Gwar? Well, I forgot to tell you the best part!

We went on a date that weekend, and he turned out to be homeless! RIGHT ON.

Also, when Jennifer met my former PDX paramour, she told me he "looked like a fetus." While I don't really agree with that assessment, I can see where she was coming from.

I was obviously on a roll, romance-wise.

I'll come back periodically to bless you with gems like this, because I live to entertain you. On a quarterly basis, max.


current mood: dirty

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Saturday, March 22nd, 2008
4:23 pm - The New Jamie LIdell Leaked...
And I reccommend it more than your next meal. Hop on that bandwagon, folks.

Via Heckel:

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Saturday, February 23rd, 2008
12:57 am - MISS YOU! (all both of you!)
louley: I apparently can get certified as a USCG aproved Marine Captain next month for free.
me: wait, what?
louley: that's the ... strangest work perk I think I've ever had
me: what is that actually?
like you can captain a shit?

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Sunday, December 9th, 2007
5:07 pm - IT'S COMING

Finally, a reason to go to that godforsaken hole.

Thank you, baby jesus in a diaper.

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Wednesday, December 5th, 2007
9:09 pm - Santarchy
Ok kids, it's next Saturday and I am sorely interested all of a sudden. Less prep than zombie walk, double the fun and potential of scarring small children for life.


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Monday, December 3rd, 2007
7:39 pm
For those of you who don"t understand my love of marching bands...Collapse )

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Friday, November 30th, 2007
11:19 pm - I'm so glad I stayed in tonight..
Initially I was all doldrumy about it because I wanted to see plays and movies and nobody wanted to go with me and blah blah blah, but then both my boys called me with news that they were going to try to visit me!

My Nickleberry is coming in January, Jera is... coming sometime, now that he has a fat and much needed raise. To top it off, Heckel is coming to check out PDX sometime in February before she MOVES HERE, and then I'll visit Kelly in Vancouver.

Life is grand.

In dork news, I thought I'd tell you that when I was buying the new Scott Pilgrim yesterday, I saw the display for Buffy Season 8, and I bought the first two issues because Xander was on the cover with an eyepatch and, well, let me just say, comic book Xander is not suffering from skinny-actor-that-didn't-get-fat-but-instead-unattractively-thick syndrome, and I kind of feel pathetic and gross now.

When the fuck are you going to visit me,

current mood: oh, season one xander...

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Thursday, November 22nd, 2007
12:07 am - Let me tell you about Thanksgiving
And my FOOD.

First of all, it is 12am on Thanksgiving morning, and I just started my shopping about and hour and a half ago.

I have been to three stores.

I am making mac and cheese, and somehow, at these three stores, I didn't buy any milk for the mac and cheese. Oh, I bought enough for my cupcakes, but... mac and cheese! it is like 50 percent milk! What the hell, Kathryn?

Oh, and the cupcakes? Let's talk about the cupcakes.

I am making Pumpkin Chili Cupcakes. These fuckers. Do you see that? It calls for ANCHO CHILI POWDER. Do you know who carries ancho chili powder in Seattle? NOBODY. Nobody but a specialty shop at the market, that's who, and you know I wasn't going there no matter how much I planned ahead of time.

So what did I do?

I bought a 5 dollar bag of dried ancho chilis.

I only need about two teaspoons.

I don't even have a mortar and pestle.

I am a goddamned maniac.

And even though I initially settled against it, I am also attempting the pumpkin brittle. Except I have to roast and salt the seeds myself. And, I didn't buy enough.

Did I tell you I also bought fancy beer for tomorrow that I can't afford? Well I did.

And I'm going to make carrots, probably.

And god help me stay away from the Amy Sedaris cheese ball, because ohmyjesus I want to attempt that so bad tomorrow.

Ugh. Time to read my dorky fantasy novel and sleep.

Oh, and did I tell you that I gave some kid my email tonight, and then he proceeded to, drunkenly apparently, talk to me overly passionately about Gwar for 15 minutes in the freezing street? Well, IT HAPPENED.

Let's get fatty,

current mood: FATTY

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Sunday, November 18th, 2007
10:23 pm - Oh brother...
You know it's time to drink some whiskey and calm the fuck down when you find yourself crying and chanting "at least i'm not homeless anymore."

Who wants to have a book club? We can drink cheap beer and cry while we read a new chapter of Generation Debt each week.


current mood: broke

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Thursday, November 1st, 2007
3:58 pm - Calling all Nerds...
So you know those free screenings of the Battlestar Galactica premiere that are happening? Well there are still some left for the Auburn showings.

I don't know anyone who would go with me...

And my mom would be in town that night.

Nerds... Should I go?


current mood: confounded

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Friday, October 26th, 2007
10:28 pm

Do you like creepy dolls?

Do you like fun-size candy?

Do you like jello in a brain-shaped mold?

Or maybe you're pleasantly afraid of all of these things?

Come to Kathryn's Halloween party!

Saturday night,
7ish, 1006 15th Ave East, no. 3
Call me with any questions or concerns.

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Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007
1:33 pm - Here's A Quote
For some reason, this struck me as awesome for being a really obvious idea that we never think about:
"...when we watch a scary movie, we get scared, and when we watch porn we get turned on. We cry when someone dies in a movie. Our brain cannot tell the difference between what’s simulated and what’s real, because this distinction didn’t exist in the Stone Age."

Speaking of human stupidity... I have these beautiful retro juice glasses I bought in Portland. One of them had random gunk in the bottom of the glass, and I didn't use it for ages because no matter how hard I scrubbed, I couldn't get it off. It skeezed me out, so I let it sit on top of my microwave for almost a year, collecting dust.

This weekend, I got a new rice cooker (thanks mom), and decided to put it on the microwave. Making room, I decided to clean the glass one more time, scrubbed it, and saw that the gunk seemed to be getting worse. With a little investigating, I discovered the unthinkable...

There was no gunk.

I was scraping the hell out of the glass with the scrubber, permanently leaving scratch marks in the bottom of the glass.

In summation, I'm a fucking idiot. But at least I can use my glass now. And TPTB rewarded me by allowing me to find a pristine fiestaware mug for sixty nine motherfucking cents.

Also, my hair is crazy short right now.

current mood: i have to pee.

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Sunday, October 14th, 2007
9:13 pm - Bring on the Winter
Today, I went to the Ballard Farmer's Market with Raleigh and Kaitlin. Interestingly, Kaitlin, the newest Seattle-ite, was the only one who had ever been. So Raleigh and I didn't really know what to expect.

Well. That market is awesome.

Not for the produce. No, the University market still is tops with produce. But in every other respect? Ballard wins, hands down. They had all my favorite sellers there - the crazy good hothouse tomato folks from Broadway, Tall Grass Bakery (today was the first time I have ever seen that guy without his dread hat), my hard cider dealer, and Sidhu farms, who sell - without a doubt - the best motherfucking strawberries I have ever had the pleasure of shoving in my gluttonous mouth. I also found:

-Free range beef jerky which I just may have to buy soon, since I've been talking about it since I went camping back in 2006.
-Empire Ice Cream, the only local ice cream makers that I am aware of. I did some digging and Chowhound says that apparently they make sweet corn ice cream, and also apparently, it is amazing. Alas, I didn't try any because I knew I would want to buy some, and it would have melted long before I got it home. But Raleigh tried some sorbet and gave it her mark of approval.
-Also the best godddamned almond butter toffee I have had since Wythe. And believe me, I have been looking.

But I didn't buy anything from any of those people. I bought carrots and apples and bok choy, because these things I know I will eat, and I am boring. But that's not to say I didn't branch out at all...

I bought a butternut squash.

Perhaps you don't see the HUGE significance of this purchase, and that would make sense. After all, you are not my mother, who loves squash and grew it and cooked it for years, and I ran from it in terror. I have absolutely no memories of eating any squash, summer or winter, in my life.

I bought a butternut squash.

It's pretty though. And I'm a tactile girl, so I like that it's pretty hefty for it's size, and it's nice and smooth. It's a substantial vegetable. For peeling, Mark Bittman advises me to "use a paring knife and be careful." Squash doesn't fuck around, and for good reason. If I were to eat seasonally, this shit would get me through the winter. It has to be a tough motherfucker.

Another thing. It doesn't smell at all, which is slightly troubling becuase, well...

I have no idea what the fuck it tastes like. No shitting clue whatsoever.

So yeah. I have a squash and I don't know what to do with it.

Bring on the winter.

current mood: curious

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Saturday, October 13th, 2007
11:20 pm - You Know it's October...
So this week began a bit of a quarter life crisis. I'm here to talk about that a little bit.

I'm turning 24 in two weeks, and I'm sure this had a lot to do with it. But I'm also incredibly stressed out at work, and with my stupid Spanish class, and had a major screw up at KBCS, the fall out I'm still waiting for.

So totally unexpectedly, I broke down in tears while chatting with Kelly, and cried for about three hours straight. It was totally insane, and something I though I had left behind me long ago. And since I went all self help on myself junior year of college and basically trained myself to be outgoing, I went online and read self-help website for a week (basically I surfed the shit out of

I also had long talks with two friends; one is dealing with the same issues in not very good at all ways, and the other is basically dealing with it like I am. And I talked to a few other people about how we are happy certain shitty people are no longer in our lives, or just people that we don't enjoy hanging out with very much. And that has been a huge struggle for me my entire life, because I have this compulsion to save every relationship in my life, in some form, even if it's shitty. Frankly, this is stupid, because all that energy I spend on someone who probably finds it just as hard to hang out with me, could be spent strengthening the awesome friendships I already have. Because the reason I feel better today, instead of in the middle of a weeks long depression like I might have been at eighteen, is that I am surrounded by kind, mature people, who make me feel good every single fucking time I hang out with them. It's hard to feel shitty when you've got that.

And then today I made Halloween resolutions. I am going to skip classes, drop friends, save money, and write in this stupid journal whether I want to or not (momma needs to write better).

Then my birthday will come, and I will bake pumpkin cookies and maybe a little cake for me and an October birthday cohort, and I will dance to the Monster Mash and probably get a little drunk, and save the cleaning for the morning.

current mood: over-interneted delirium

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Monday, October 1st, 2007
11:04 pm - Happy Birthday To Meeee....
This is playing at Central Cinema on my birthday ONLY.

"In the future gas prices are so high that people will do anything to get their cars going. Environmentalist and elementary school teacher Archie Andrews is trying to invent a car that runs on wheat grass.....but he accidentally invents a car that runs on human blood."

Blood Car.

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10:46 pm - do i need to spice up my life?

Vancouver, 12-2-07
Very Expensive.

Decide for me.

current mood: undecided

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Friday, September 28th, 2007
11:22 am - well shit
Who the hell is Ulrich Schnauss? Because I just won tickets to Mondays show.

current mood: kinda guilty, actually

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Wednesday, September 26th, 2007
9:24 pm - well hello there
I haven't posted in awhile, but the LJ is rather sleepy anyway now. Everyone seems to have moved to greener pastures online. I still like my LJ bestest, but it's oh so hard for me to write.

I also seem to feel like I never have anything interesting going on, but looking back I've actually been incredibly busy, and it's looking to get busier. I'm pretty involved with KBCS, even if I am slacking on my current assignment, which is a story on bike safety in Seattle (I know, me! I almost didn't take it. Anyway). On Tuesday I started Spanish 101 at Seattle Central! It was incredibly boring as it was the first class, and my book will be 200 fucking dollars, but I'm looking forward to it because I'm a nerd and am dreaming of making verb tables! Also at work I got a bunch of huge projects thrown on me so for the first time in my life, I feel like I actually contribute to my job. Not that I think my job is the bee's knees or anything. Oh and I'm teaching myself HTML and helping to save ZAPP. I'm also exhausted, did I mention that?

And how are you?

But really darlings, I'm here on business. My mom is sending ALL of my books from home. Which is to say, a lot. Most I have never read, so I probably won't be able to walk in my room for awhile. However, there are a few that I am going to get rid of. I could sell them to a used bookstore, but that's hardly worth it. Would you like some? This is just the first round.

-Kindred, Octavia Butler - claimed by killa mc
-Jennifer Government, Max Barry
-Bastard out of Carolina, Dorothy Allison
-Like a Hole in the Head, Jen Banbury
-Daisy Miller, Henry James
-The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, Muriel Spark
-The Road, Cormac McCarthy
-Perdido Street Station, China Mieville
-Sister Carrie, Theodore Dreiser
-The Human Stain, Philip Roth
-The Ladies Auxiliary, Tova Mirvis
-The Amulet of Samarkand, Jonathan Stroud

Some are excellent, some I couldn't finish, some I never read. Ask me if you like.

Oh, and this journal is now as public as I can make it without actually making it public, mostly so I can send shit to non-LJers (Hi Julia!) Also, to spread the joy of the previous post. To everyone. Took me five months but I finally figured *that* mess out. Yay!

current mood: busy

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